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  • Jimmy Whittaker gets his CFI 11.8.17

    Congratulations to Jimmy Whittaker!  Today Jimmy passed his oral and flight exam for his Commercial Helicopter Flight Instructor License, also known as CFI.  Great Job!  A shoutout to his Helicopter Flight Instructor Jeffrey MacKenzie for Jimmy’s success!

  • Gerald Korey’s first Helicopter Solo Flight 8.1.17

    On August 1st, Jerry got the pleasure of completing his first ever Helicopter Solo Flight!  Jerry did great and I think the smile on his face says it all. Congratulations!! Many more solo flights to come.         

  • Private Learn to Fly Event at Platinum Helicopters

    Happy June! We would like to remind everyone that Platinum Helicopters offers private parties and group learn to fly demo events either at our location or an airport near you.  Just last week we hosted a private event for the top 25 clients of a Brazilian Based Corporation at our office and hangar here in […]

  • Dalton passed his CFII

    Congratulations to Dalton O’Rourke for passing his Commercial Flight Instrument Instructor rating in our Robinson R44 yesterday! Dalton has been flying often and working hard to obtain his CFII rating, great job!  Also a thank you goes out to his Flight Instructor Jeff MacKenzie for leading Dalton to his success.  

  • Scott climbs the ladder!

    We are super proud of Scott Fabia, one of our former Flight Instructors, and his advancement into the next level of his Helicopter Career.  While doing a charter flight this week, we got the privilege of landing at West 30th Street Helipad in New York City right next to him in his new Liberty Helicopters Chopper […]

  • 4.29.17 Fredy passes his check-ride

    Congratulations to Fredy Irazarry on passing his Private Helicopter License check ride on April 29th, 2017.  Great Job Fredy, keep up the hard work!  Also a thank you goes out to his Flight Instructor, Alison O’Brien for her assistance in helping Fredy achieve success!

  • 4.15.17 Gabe gets his Private Helicopter License

    Congratulations to Gabe Hernandez on passing his check ride and oral exam and earning his Private Helicopter Licenses!  Long awaited and well deserved for Gabe.  This was also his Flight Instructor, Jeff MacKenzie’s first official sign-off.  Great job you two!  

  • Easter Bunny & Carrot Drop-off at the Country Club

    Platinum Helicopters is wishing you all a HAPPY Easter!  Last weekend we had a great time dropping the Easter Bunny and The Carrot off on the Golf Course at a Country Club here in New Jersey.  What a grand entrance they made!  The kids were all smiling from ear to ear.  Safe Holiday Travels to […]

  • Easter Egg Drop!

    Hello Everyone, Have you ever wondered exactly how many plastic Easter eggs can fit into a 4 seater Robinson R44 Helicopter?  Well we sure did!  Our most recent Easter egg drop consisted of 5,000 (five thousand!) Easter eggs!  That sure did make a lot of happy kids! Take a look at some of our pictures […]

  • First Helicopter Solo for Gabe!

    Gabe Hernandez successfully completed his first solo flight in the Robinson R22 Helicopter this week!  It was the calm before the big snow storm.  Gabe did a great job!!  Gabe patiently waited a long time for this solo, but many more solos to come.  Keep up the good work!