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Another new Flight Instructor to the TEAM!

Please help us in welcoming another new Flight Instructor to the Platinum Helicopters team, Brian Edwards.  See below for a little  bit about Brian and his journey in aviation leading him to where he is today:

Brian Edwards doesn’t remember when his fascination with flight began, but he was making airplane and helicopter sounds before he could talk.  While most elementary school kids brought Magic Treehouse books to read in class, Brian would lug around a massive encyclopedia of aircraft.  Going to the Willow Grove airshow as a kid and watching fighter jets rip past made Brian realize his dream of becoming a pilot.  Fast forward 15 years and a mud covered Sergeant Edwards watches Apaches swoop and dive over a training area.  “I should do that” he thinks to himself.  He soon dropped a Warrant Officer packet and headed to Army flight school in Fort Rucker, Alabama.  Army flight school was not easy, but he powered through, receiving a commercial helicopter and instrument rating.  After flight school he knew that just flying medevac Blackhawks part time in the National Guard wasn’t enough, so he came to Platinum Helicopters to master the Robinson helicopter and become a CFI.  “The freedom of flying a helicopter is unlike anything else; once you experience it you’ll never want to be tethered to the earth.”