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  • Aryan’s 7th Birthday Flight

    Aryan had a vary special birthday this year thanks to his wonderful family booking his first helicopter demo ride!  Aryan turned 7 this year and to make his demo flight a little more special, Platinum Helicopters wanted to get him a few balloons in case he showed up for his surprise and got a little nervous.  He and the […]

  • Check it out!

    Hello everyone!! Please check out our Platinum Helicopters LLC Google+ page.  If you have flown with us recently, please take a brief moment and review our business.  Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Field trip to Trenton-Mercer Airport

    On Saturday, May 16th, Platinum Helicopters had the privilege to take some of our students on a little field trip to Trenton-Mercer airport not too far from our office here in New Jersey.  We traveled there to visit the Trenton- Mercer Airport Control Tower.  This was a great learning experience for our students and we appreciate […]

  • Kaylyn earns her Helicopter Instrument Rating

    On Saturday, April 11th 2015 Kaylyn Libolt earned her Instrument Rating!!  Kaylyn is already an established, professional pilot who currently is a Helicopter Pilot for a Company who often flies in and out of New York City.  Kaylyn decided she wanted to obtain another rating to further her career and she dove right back into the books and into an […]

  • Congratulations Matthias Groeger on obtaining his Instrument Rating

    We would like to Congratulate Matthias Groeger for passing his Instrument Exam on March 16th 2015!! Matthias worked very hard and very fast to obtain this license, great job!  We would like to also recognize his flight instructor, Eric Houghton, for making this possible.  Fantastic job to you both!

  • 2.24.15 Kate Drisco earns her Private Pilot License

    We are excited to announce that after a lot of dedication, time and hard work, Kate Drisco passed her check ride and oral exam for her private pilot license Tuesday, February 24th.  Platinum Helicopters LLC here in New Jersey is very happy for her and we would also like to send out a huge thank you to her awesome […]

  • Platinum’s R44 Overhaul Preparation

    As of last week, we are officially proud owners of a Robinson R44!  Our 44 isn’t ready yet to fly as it is timed out and in need of a full overhaul, but this Platinum Helicopters LLC R44 will be as good as new, if not better.  We are expecting this aircraft to be ready in […]

  • Our newly renovated office is almost complete

    Hello All, We are exited to let you all know that our newly renovated office is almost complete!  Our new desk and computers are all set up and our internet just got turned on today.  Although we were able to fly and operate without an office for the past 6 weeks, we are really excited to […]