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Come fly with Duncan Winning

Please join us in welcoming a new Flight Instructor to the Platinum Helicopters team: Duncan Winning!

Duncan Winning has always known he didn’t belong sitting behind a desk. He’s always been interested in working with his hands mixed with a fascination for the outdoors. He always loved the physical challenges of running, cycling, and climbing and enjoys the mental challenges that come along with it. After a couple years at community college trying to figure out what would work best for him, he was coming up dry. With some encouragement from his dad and an uncle who started flying for the NJ state police, he realized making a career out of flying is actually possible. He went for a demo flight in an R22 and from then on he was hooked. Learning the whys and hows of flying satisfied his itch to understand the world around him. After 5 years in the making he finally achieved his CFI rating and is excited to begin working at Platinum Helicopters.