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It’s “Doors Off” Season!

The Platinum crew is excited that it is finally “Doors Off” season.  What does this mean?  We remove all of the doors from the helicopter making it comfortable to fly in this hot Summer weather.  Not only does this create a nice, cool breeze while training or taking a flight in the helicopter, but it also gives you the “free as a bird” feeling with the wind in your face and an even better view!!  Don’t worry, you have a seat  belt to keep you in the Helicopter at all times!  New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey Shore tours are all available with the doors off… if you’re willing to go for it!  Below are a few photos, come check us out today at Princeton Airport! Doors Off-R22 Helicopter 2 6.28.15 Doors Off- R22 6.28.15