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Welcome to the Platinum Helicopters Team, Jeff!

We would like to WELCOME a new Helicopter Flight Instructor to the Platinum Team, Jeffrey MacKenzie!!  Here is a little information about Jeff and how he got to where he is Today.  Jeff MacKenzie growing up was always interested in helicopters, but the thought of actually becoming a pilot seemed far-fetched.  It wasn’t until his then-girlfriend, now-wife surprised him with an introductory demo flight that he realized it was a career that was actually attainable.  He loved the flight, but the instructor he flew with was negative about the career field, causing him to reconsider taking the leap into becoming a pilot.  Eventually, Jeff would go on to try other schools in the state until he found his home at Platinum Helicopters, where he would complete a majority of his training and begin his career as a professional pilot.  He loves the places aviation has taken him, whether it’s navigating the NYC skyline or buzzing down Jersey coastline.  Jeff has found that the only thing better than the view is providing people with unforgettable experiences.