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Welcome to the team Gurvinder

Please help us welcome one of our new Flight Instructors to the Platinum Helicopters team, Gurvinder Kochhar.  A little bit about Gurvinder and how he got to this point in his aviation path:

“I still remember the first time I got the helicopter bug.  I was 7(ish) years old and my dad got my brother and I a spontaneous helicopter ride while on a visit to Atlantic City.  I didn’t know it then, but I was hooked.  All through middle and high school, I would look up at the sky in wonder, watching MASH and Blackhawk down helped and somehow, I found out about Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University my senior year.  Something clicked in my head that my dream job of being a helicopter pilot was attainable so, I took my shot.  I flew for the first time in August of 2017 in Prescott, Arizona and I still remember the flight and initial take off vividly.  I graduated from Embry-Riddle’s Prescott, AZ campus where I was surrounded by like-minded people who knew they belonged in the air and learned aviators in the industry only deepened my passion for aviation.  Nearly four years after my first flight, I got my CFI from Platinum Helicopters and have been flying around my home State.  Every time I take off in a helicopter, I smile ear to ear, it never gets old.”