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Welcome to the Team Pascal!

We would like to formally introduce a new Flight Instructor to the Platinum Helicopters team, Pascal Werlen. Pascal joined the Platinum Helicopters team in June. He grew up in the mountains of Switzerland where almost all of the rescue operations took place by helicopters. When he was just a little boy he was fascinated by the helicopters that flew into his valley to provide these medical services. A couple of years later after he finished his apprenticeship, Pascal got his first job in the helicopter industry as a loadmaster. This position allowed himself to see how all different operations can be with helicopters. During that time his will to become a helicopter pilot became even stronger! The work on the ground and as a crewmember was very interesting and he liked it a lot, but his dream job was always to be a pilot.

Pascal finally made the decision to leave his Country and flew to the United States of America to start his career as a Helicopter pilot. In Portland, Oregon Pascal trained in all different weather conditions and finished his training in the Spring of 2022. Pascal was interested in seeing a different part of the United States, so he found his way to Platinum Helicopters here in Princeton, New Jersey.