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  • Kate Drisco is an Instrument Rated Helicopter Pilot!

    On Saturday, March 12th 2016 Kate Drisco passed her Helicopter Instrument Rating!! Great Job Kate!!! Can you tell how happy she is with the photo of her happy dance below!  Also, sending a thank you out to her Instructor Scott.  Keep up the good work guys!

  • Don’t Forget to change your clocks!

    We know Spring is near when Daylight Savings time meets us again!  Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour before you go to sleep tonight.  Platinum Helicopters here in Princeton, New Jersey is super excited for this because it means 1 more extra hour of daylight in the evenings to fly with our clients […]

  • Mike Jardin passed his Instrument Check Ride!

    Congratulations to Mike Jardin for passing his Instrument Helicopter add-on yesterday!!  Mike is moving right along and at a pretty fast pace too!  Great job and keep up the hard work.  Thank you to his Instructor Eric for helping Mike succeed.  Now onto his Commercial Helicopter Pilot add on!  

  • Dan Johnson is a Private Helicopter Pilot

    Dan “the man” Johnson passed his oral exam and flight check ride yesterday afternoon, March 7th 2016, and is officially rated as a Private Helicopter Pilot.  Great job Dan and Congratulations!!!  Also we are sending thanks to his Instructor Scott Fabia for training Dan!

  • Sam Stamler Passes his Commercial!

    Congratulations to Sam Stamler for passing his Commercial Helicopter Check Ride today!  Great job Sam!!  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.  Also, a big handshake to his Helicopter Instructor, Scott, for leading Sam to success. 

  • Welcome Brian Chokola to the Platinum Helicopters LLC Team

    We are proud to welcome a new helicopter flight instructor, Brian Chokola, to the Platinum Helicopters LLC team here in Princeton, New Jersey!!  Brian is now available for flight lessons and ground school.  Feel free to call or text Brian at 850-420-9022 or schedule a flight with him through SkyScheduler.  You can also read a little […]

  • Congratulations to Ben Tucker

    Congratulations to Benjamin Tucker for earning his Commercial Helicopter Pilot License on Friday, January 22nd before all of the snow came!!  We have known Ben for a while and are very proud!!  Hard work pays off, keep up the good work!

  • 1.15.16 Derek Loren passes his Private Pilot Check Ride!

    Congrats to Derek Loren on earning his private pilot rating yesterday, January 15th!  You really buckled down and put your mind to it in order to accomplish your goal to get this license before your new journey.  Derek ships off today to start his 10 year adventure in the Marine Corps!! Thank you for your dedication to […]

  • 1.12.16 Mike Jardin is officially a Private Helicopter Pilot!

    Congratulations to Mike Jardin on passing his Private Pilot License check ride Tuesday, January 12th! Mike is a professional commercial airline 777 Pilot for Cathay Pacific which is an international airline company. Great job Mike!  

  • Helicopter Tours & Demo flights make for great Holiday Gifts!

    It’s not to late to get your Platinum Helicopters Gift Certificate to give the gift of flight to a loved one, friend or family member!  Gift Certificates make awesome gifts and are something exciting to look forward to in the future!!   Contact us today at 609-937-8787 or