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  • Fernanda passes her Instrument check ride!

    Congratulations to Fernanda Barbosa on passing her Instrument check ride and oral exam on June 7th 2016!! Fernanda is already a CFI with Platinum Helicopters and she felt the need to keep training and continuing her aviation knowledge.  Next week she will be going for her CFII!  Thank you to her Instructor Scott for helping her along […]

  • Tim Feige passes his Private Helicopter Pilot check ride!

    Congratulations to Tim Feige for passing his Private Helicopter Check ride today, May 17th!!  Fantastic job Tim, we are proud of you!!  Also sending thanks to his Flight Instructor, Scott!  

  • Former Helicopter Pilot, Wayne Miller Memorial Ceremony

    On Saturday afternoon, May 7th we had the pleasure of donating 4 helicopter flights over the Wayne Miller Memorial Celebration of Life in a diamond formation.  The ceremony was held at Van Sant Airport in Pennsylvania and the weather cleared up perfectly in time for us.  Saturday we got to show our respect to a […]

  • Filming with Nature Knows Best

    We are excited to share the news that Platinum Helicopters LLC here in Princeton New Jersey will be featured on an episode with the Xploration Station and the name of the show is Nature Knows Best.  We are told our episode will air sometime in September, but we will keep  you posted on further details.  One […]

  • Skydiving out of a Helicopter from 5,000 feet

    Don’t forget that Platinum Helicopters offers Skydiving, for experienced jumpers only, out of a Helicopter at around 5,000 feet!  Here are some photos from our last group of jumpers on Sunday, April 24th into a private airfield in Pennsylvania.  We took 11 different jumpers up in about 6-8 trips!  We had a blast and the […]

  • 4.25.16 Mike Jardin passes another rating!

    Congratulations to Mike Jardin for passing his Commercial Helicopter Pilot Add-on license on Monday, April 25th, 2016!!  Mike sure is moving right along, keep it up!! Great job Eric for instructing him throughout this journey!!

  • 4.24.16 Andrew Rodriguez is a CFI

    Congratulations to Andrew Rodriguez on earning his Certified Flight Instructor Rating in a Helicopter on the 24th of April!  As you can see, he is jumping for joy.  Such a big accomplishment.  Great job to both Andrew and his Flight Instructor Evan Van Gilson for helping him succeed!!

  • Jeff MacKenzie is officially an Instrument Rated Helicopter Pilot

    A big Congratulations goes out to Jeff MacKenzie for passing his Helicopter Instrument oral exam and check ride on Monday, April 25th, 2016!!  Hard work sure does pay off, great job!!  Many thanks and a great job also goes out to his Flight Instructor Scott for getting Jeff to this point in his Helicopter Ratings!  What’s […]

  • Platinum Helicopters is featured in another article for Frost Prevention

    Platinum Helicopters here in New Jersey is excited to share another article with you all that features some of the frost prevention flying and pictures that we took on the 6th and 10th of April.  We truly hope that we were able to save the crops for our local farms! Click the link below to […]

  • Check out our helicopter frost flying article on

    Early Wednesday morning April 6th, 2016 at 12AM Platinum Helicopters was called out to begin frost flying for their one of three local New Jersey farms.  It was a long night for our pilots because frost flying usually doesn’t begin until around 2 or 3AM and ends at sunrise.  The other two farms began their frost prevention flying […]