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Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License Eligibility and Requirements

  • At the age of 16 you can become a Student Pilot, you must be 17 years old to become a Private Pilot – Rotorcraft.
  • You must be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • You will have to pass a written knowledge test (multiple choice questions).
  • You will need to receive flight training and logbook endorsements from an authorized Flight Instructor (Minimum 40 hrs flight time to include at least 20 hrs dual instruction and 10 hrs solo flight).
  • You will have to pass a practical flight test and oral exam with an FAA Examiner.
  • Hold at least a Class 3 Medical Certificate.

Example cost for the average pilot (Robinson R22):

The national average for an initial Private Pilot Rotorcraft is 50 to 80 hrs (4 to 6 weeks)

50 hours flight time at $350.00 per hour$17,500.00
30 hours ground school at $40.00 per hour$1,200.00
Written examination$150.00
Practical examination$500.00
Pilot supplies and training material$100.00
Grand Total$19,570

We carry insurance that allows our students to fly solo in our R44’s, therefore it is also possible to undertake the full course in the R44 if desired.