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  • Duncan passes his CFI!

    Duncan! Congratulations on finishing 2022 out strong and passing your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) oral exam and check ride.  We are super proud and looking forward to the future of your flying path.  Also a big thank you to his flight instructors who helped gear Duncan towards success.  

  • Way to go, Lizzy!

    Congratulations to Lizzy on passing her Private Helicopter Pilot check ride and oral exam earlier this month.  FANTASTIC JOB!  We knew you could do it.  

  • Congratulations Dino!

    Congratulations to Dino on completing his Instrument Helicopter rating yesterday!  It wasn’t easy, but it’ll come in handy when you need it. Great Job Dino, we are proud!  

  • Alison is back!

    Alison Fleck, formerly O’Brien, was a Flight Instructor with us at Platinum Helicopters a few years ago and now she is back part time! See a little about her below:   Alison started flying in 2011 after a neighbor suggested she pursue aviation as a hobby. He referred me to a fixed wing school at […]

  • Have you met our Flight Instructor Brian?

    Brian joined the Platinum Helicopters team officially in the Fall of 2021, but in case you missed it, here is a little about him:   Brian Edwards doesn’t remember when his fascination with flight began, but he was making airplane and helicopter sounds before he could talk.  While most elementary school kids brought Magic Treehouse books […]

  • Helicopter Gender Reveals

    Are you trying to host the best, most unique Helicopter Gender Reveal party in the tri-state area?  Well look no further!  Platinum Helicopters offers Helicopter Gender reveals to add the best touch to your party.  We can fly above your home, restaurants, banquet hall, beach front, river front and more.  Whatever your party location may […]

  • Welcome to the Team Pascal!

    We would like to formally introduce a new Flight Instructor to the Platinum Helicopters team, Pascal Werlen. Pascal joined the Platinum Helicopters team in June. He grew up in the mountains of Switzerland where almost all of the rescue operations took place by helicopters. When he was just a little boy he was fascinated by […]

  • 6.17.22 Another Commercial Helicopter Pilot check ride passed

    June 17, 2022 Duncan Winning is indeed WINNING! After Duncan put in the time and hard work, he successfully passed his Commercial Helicopter check ride today and his oral exam yesterday. GREAT JOB! We are proud of you and all of the brilliant flight instructors who led you to success. Keep up the good work […]

  • Eric is a Commercial Pilot

    April 25, 2022: Congratulations to Eric on passing his Commercial Helicopter Pilot add-on license today! Nice work to you and your Flight Instructor. We are proud!

  • Lee Solos

    January 8, 2022 : Congratulations to Lee Seglem on his first Helicopter Solo flight this weekend!! Lee is 70! You’re never to young or to old to start flying helicopters 😎 Come make your dreams come true and fly with us!!