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  • Congrats Stephen!

    10.28.2019 Stephen passed his Commercial Helicopter Pilot check ride. CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the good work!

  • 9/6/2019 Another Private Helicopter Pilot

    Congratulations to Lucas on passing his Private Helicopter Pilot check-ride and oral exam with the FAA. Your hard work has paid off and we are proud. Nice Job!

  • Congratulations to another Private Helicopter Pilot!

    We have yet another Private Helicopter Pilot brought to you with thanks from our Platinum Helicopters Flight Instructors. A Big Congratulations to Joey on passing his private helicopter pilot license in the twin engine Agusta 109 Helicopter with the FAA. Excellent job Joey!

  • Ryan is officially a rated pilot in the US!

    Congratulations Ryan! Having a pilot license in one Country just wasn’t enough for Ryan, he is now officially a rated Private Helicopter Pilot in the USA. Great job and keep up the hard work!

  • Congratulations Barry on you Private Pilot License

    Congratulations to Barry on passing his check ride and obtaining his Private Helicopter Pilot license on Wednesday July 30th, 2019. Barry’s excitement after each flight lesson reminds us at Platinum Helicopters why we do what we do!

  • Welcome Yogev to the team!

    We would like to officially welcome Yogev Sery to the Platinum Helicopters LLC team. Yogev is now a Flight Instructor with us! Come on in and take your first Helicopter lesson with him. You can hop over to our ‘About Us- Our Pilots’ page to learn a little bit more about Yogev.

  • Welcome Jimmy to the Platinum Helicopters Team

    Hello, We would like to welcome Jimmy W. to our Platinum Helicopters team. He has been flying for us for a few months now, but we are just finding time to officially welcome him! Please read a little bit about Jimmy and how he got into flying helicopters: “My first experience with helicopters began when […]

  • Robinson R22 Instrument Trainer Helicopter

    Take a look at our freshly overhauled Robinson R22 Helicopter! This two seater training helicopter has made sure to adapt to the ever changing technology and times here at Platinum Helicopters. We have updated this instrument trailer to the Aspen 1000H PFD coupled the Garmin 430w. Now we are capable of WAAS approaches as well […]

  • Lindsey is a CFI

    Sharing a Big Big BIG Congratulations to Lindsey on passing her Commercial Helicopter Flight Instructor (CFI) Checkride today! She checked that one off the box! Great Job Lindsey we are proud of you.

  • Want to fly in a Helicopter, but you have a young baby?

    Over the years, we have gotten a lot of questions about taking a baby along for a helicopter ride.  Well as long as the baby/toddler can safely sit up in their own seat with the seat belt provided, then they are able to ride a long in one of our Robinson R44 helicopters.  Now if […]